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Azur Christian Health Centre is a Health Centre (IV) which was founded by Bunyoro-Kitara Diocese (Church of Uganda) – Anglican located in Hoima Municipality in the Western part of our great nation Uganda. It started way back in the 1983 as a small clinic to fulfill the mission of the church ie; Preaching, Teaching and Healing. It has developed over time into a big health facility through generous support from the Christians and other supporters both locally and internationally. It is a non-profit making Health facility that provides health care services to all mankind. The health care provided is characterized by compassion unaffected by ethnicity, socio-economic status, religion, or political affiliation or any other prejudices.

All services are delivered in a manner that complies with the requirements of the Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau (UPMB) and the Ministry of Health of Uganda. The health centre is always up to date with the registration and licensing by the Ministry of Health.

Below are the key principles behind the existence of the health centre;


To be the best health care provider in the Bunyoro region and beyond .


Excellence in preventive, curative and investigative health services through education, medical investigations, treatment and surgical procedures to all mankind.


Heal me oh Lord and I will be healed. Jeremiah 17:14


Godliness, Team work, Stewardship, Integrity and Respect to all mankind.


  • Meeting urgent health needs of the most vulnerable groups in the community
  • Increasing both the quality and quantity of health care services to the surrounding community and the region at large.
  • Strengthening partnership/collaboration with both local and international bodies as we serve all mankind.


The facility is governed by a carefully selected board of governors who strictly follow the agreed upon constitution and other governance tools. It also follows a clear organizational structure.


Currently our staff team, headed by the Director stands as follows;

  1. Administrative staff                  07
  2. Medical Officers                        02
  3. Senior Nursing Officer             01
  4. Clinical Officers                         03
  5. Radiographers                           02
  6. Anesthetic Officer                     01
  7. Registered Nurses/Midwives 07
  8. Enrolled Nurses/Midwives     17
  9. Laboratory staff                         04
  10. Pharmacy Assistant                  01
  11. Nursing Assistants                    04
  12. Support staff                               14


Volunteer staff                                      09


We offer a wide range of medical and social services as enlisted below.

  • Diagnostic and Curative Services
  • Community Outreaches on Immunization and Health Education Screening.

That has enabled us to sensitize our communities on various health issues say like Reproductive Health, HIV AIDS Epidemic, Sexual Transmitted Infections, Sanitation, Proper Feeding (Nutrition) and many others. This is all done in a bid to see that people in our communities live a health life for development, progress and prosperity.

  • Voluntary Counselling and Testing for HIV(VCT)
  • Maternity Services; which include Antenatal Care and Post-Antenatal Care, Delivery Services and care, Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Services, PMTCT (Prevention of Mother to Child HIV Transmission).
  • X-Ray Services, Ultra Scan Services.
  • A wide range of Laboratory Services is being offered as well, say;- Malaria Screening, Typhoid Screening, CD4 count sampling, and many others in that line.
  • Minor and Moderate Surgical Procedures including C-sections are handled in our theatre.
  • Ambulance services.
  • Chaplaincy Services; Apart from physical healing we do also consider Spiritual development and Healing. We have a Chapel and a chaplain as well as a Lay Leader. Christian Morals, Values, and principles are observed and followed. We do serve God and in all we do we are exemplary. In that regard, a day starts off with an early Morning Devotion with is comprised of staffs and patients as well as their attendants and other clients as well and this starts from 8:00am up to 8:30am. Sharing in the chapel is open to whoever feels he/she is capable and it is always an open chance of learning and strengthening our selves in the LORD.



We operate from well built structures and spacious enough for proper patient care and hospitality, as well as providing a conducive environment for both the health workers and patients.

There is a well developed water and sanitation network supplying the entire unit with safe and clean water.

There is a constant power supply using the national grid power supply, two standby generators and a backup system in key areas in addition to solar.

There is a waste disposal system that enables us to keep our environment clean and hygienic.

The following departments are in place;

  1. Outpatient department
  2. Maternity department
  3. Peadiatric department
  4. General in-patient department
  5. Radiology department
  6. Laboratory department
  7. Pharmacy department
  8. HIV/AIDs care/ ART services
  9. Emergency care/ ambulance department
  10. Counseling department and
  11. All support administrative and welfare department.


The facility is in partnership with local and overseas organizations/institutions which assist us to offer sustainable services.

Below is a list of partners as of November 2015;

  • Help Hoima Charity; – regular technical and financial support
  • UPMB- NESH II;- HIV/AIDS comprehensive care project
  • The Azur family;- capital development
  • Christ Church Dore;- support towards equipment stocking
  • PACE (U);- support towards family planning and Cervical cancer care
  • Engender Health;- scaling up family planning interventions


The facility works with other institutions to serve people especially in the cooperate world. Below is a list of such institutions;

  • IAA
  • UAP
  • Ugamed
  • NFT consult
  • Kinyara Sugar Ltd.
  • Bunyoro Kitara Diocese
  • Institutions of learning in and around Hoima
  • Compassion International- supported Child Development Centres



  • Joint Medical Store
  • SinoAfrica Medicines and Health Ltd.
  • Medcomp Technoservices
  • Biomedics Products
  • Crown healthcare
  • Human Diagnostics
  • Other local suppliers

We can be contacted through the addresses below:


Azur Christian Health Centre

Bunyoro-Kitara Diocese

Church of Uganda (Anglican)

P.O. Box 20 Hoima,

Uganda (E.A)



Get in touch with the Director on: 0772482471