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About Bunyoro-Kitara Diocese

About Bunyoro-Kitara Diocese

Bunyoro Kitara Diocese

Bunyoro Kitara Diocese

Bunyoro-Kitara Diocese was created on October 12, 1972. The Diocese is part of the Church of Uganda.

It was carved out from Ruwenzori Diocese.

The Out going bishop, Rt. Rev. Nathan Kyamanywa is the 4th bishop of Bunyoro-Kitara Diocese, and the Incoming Bishop, Samuel Kahuma is the 5th.

Diocesan Vision:

Mature, grounded, stable Christian lives which worship and bring glory to God; ready to serve.

Diocesan Mission:

This diocese exists to propagate the work of our Lord Jesus Christ, through the preaching of the holistic gospel, teaching and healing, working hard to make our diocese self-reliant and reconcile our people in peace. Diocesan Objectives:

1. Spiritual Development

2. Leadership Development

3. Infrastructure Development

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