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Consecration and Enthronement

Consecration and Enthronement

It is my joy and humble privilege to greet you in the Name of Jesus Christ. I give glory, honour and praise to the Almighty God, the source of life, who calls us to serve Him. My calling to serve was catapulted by the experience of transformation when I accepted Jesus Christ as My Lord and Saviour at the age twenty four. Years later at the age of 31, I was called to full time ministry, where I have served as an ordained Priest for the last 25 years. In addition to the training I received from Theological Institutions for my ministerial formation, I had the privilege of being mentored by Men and women of God, (some of whom have since gone to be with the Lord) whose values and counsel have contributed to my ministry and leadership role in the church. I commend them all.

It is a humbling experience to take on the mantle of leadership as the 5th Bishop of Bunyoro-Kitara Diocese. On our own, we do not match the specifications for such divine calling but we rely on the fact that the one who calls us is faithful and he will do it. (Thessalonians 5:24) The basis of our calling is contained in Jesus’ command to “go and make disciples of all nations, …..” (Matthew 28:19ff). This is the core reason of the existence of the church and all who are called to serve Him in the various ministries  of the Church must do so mindful of this primary goal.

The calling to preach the Gospel and make disciples is not only enormous but also challenging! Our calling is at such a time when society is riddled with moral decadence, and all sorts of evil influences. Many of our old and young people are grossly vulnerable or even victims of the ever increasing sophisticated and manipulative evil schemes which have eroded our society. The increasingly broad day pagan-like practices have led to a resurgence of ancestral worship and demon prevalence in society. Within the church itself, syncretistic tendencies keep cropping up here and there by believers with an earnest desire to serve.   Innocent Christians often get entangled in a materialistic approach to spirituality, leading them to unrealistic expectations and often vulnerable to exploitation!

While as Christians we may boast of significant numerical strength, our numbers do not match with the desired influence and impact on society. This means that many Christians have not genuinely lived the faith they profess! This kind of trend undermines and obscures Christian witness and hence a stumbling block to those who would respond to the gospel. This was Paul’s contention with the Church in Rome when he wrote: “God’s name is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you.” (Romans 2:24). A non Christian Mahatma Ghandi who had seemingly been attracted to Christianity decried the contradiction between Christians and their faith in Christ. He said: “I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”  This challenge goes to all who confess and believe in Christ to rekindle our faith and live a life which is worthy and commensurate to our Christian calling (Ephesians 4:1), so that our impact and influence is felt in society.

I wish to acknowledge the role played by my predecessor; The Rt. Rev. Nathan Kyamanywa and those before him in maintaining focus on the true direction of holistic Christian development of the Church in Bunyoro-Kitara. I also wish to laud fellow servants in the Lord’s Vineyard, with whom I have served and the entire body of Christ for the immense support and encouragement over the years. My message to you is simple: “the struggle continues”. Let us be determined as ever to move forward into battle, for the God is ever ready to fight for us. (Nehemiah 4:20) Allow me to appreciate the role of my beloved wife Sarah, with whom I have traversed the journey of faith and Ministry through hills, plains and valleys. Above all, I give thanks to God for the gracious calling and empowerment to serve Him and the Church over the years, up to Episcopal leadership level. Finally, I invite and urge you all to walk with us this journey of faith, mindful of the expectation to live a life worthy of the Christian calling.

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